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There are many ways to study the patterns created by the universe’s energy, and astrology is one of them. Astrology studies the positions of the sun, the moon and the planets as they travel across the sky relative to constellations of stars surrounding the earth called the zodiac, mapped by our ancient ancestors on the plane along which all the planets move. The Zodiac is divided into 12 equal signs of 30 degrees each.

The planets and stars do not exert any mystical forces that influence humanity, it is simply that the patterns that they form give insights into your character, your karmic mission in this life, and the opportunities and challenges you will face. These patterns are described in your horoscope, a chart of the planets and stars at the time, date and place you were born; and at other times during your life.

The only thing anyone needs to know about astrology is that it works. And the work it does is to help you understand yourself, live a better and happier life, fulfill your karmic tasks and progress as a soul. Your life and destiny are not fixed by implacable fate. You have free will in this and every life, as you are presented with choices along your life path. Astrology can help prepare you for those choices.

Karmic astrology
Karmic astrology uses certain aspects of your horoscope to show what behaviours and inclinations you bring into this life from your past life or lives; because it is to these you will usually be tempted to return for a comfortable life in this incarnation. But these karmic aspects also show what qualities you should seek to learn the lessons you agreed to before birth, to progress in this life and grow as a soul. It can help you understand your life purpose and how to move out of repeating, restricting behaviour patterns. The lessons you need to learn may be challenging and uncomfortable, yet you came into this life with the necessary skills to achieve this growth, and the rewards are rich when your goals are attained. You may feel you have already dealt with or are dealing with your goals, depending on your stage of life, and that may be so as some make their progress earlier in life, and others steadily throughout their lives. Others may see that their goals are still ahead of them, and indeed may not be accomplished until later in life.

Whichever one you identify with, know that you were born to succeed. You can do it. Trust that you have all the qualities you need to achieve this karmic mission and be the soul you want and need to be.

Are you fulfilling your karmic purpose?
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"Beautifully presented and eerily accurate analysis! Nice to gain some affirmation on my direction."
Veronika A.
"I must tell you that I am NOT into Astrology nor into Karmic insights but I was totally surprised by the accuracy of your reading. Truly amazing."
Robert P.

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