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Astrology basics

These are my views on astrology. There are other schools of thought and other interpretations, but these are ones that work for me. I am happy to share with you an overview of the way my astrology works.

My astrology

I have always been fascinated by astrology, from the earliest age. I don't know why, it certainly wasn't part of my upbringing, but it always seemed so natural to me, so ancient, so wise. Perhaps because I am also a keen student of history. I took my first astrology course in the 70s, working with pen and paper and slow, complicated mathematics to manually draw up charts. But it's only in the last ten years or so that I have really devoted myself to it and while I still consider myself a student of this ancient discipline, I am drawn and have been advised to share my knowledge with other seekers of this enlightenment. I feel like it is part of something much more important, a greater understanding. I feel profoundly that we are the early awakened, tasked and privileged to bring a new age of spiritual awareness to a Western world disabled by urban coldness, disconnection from community, held in thrall by the small, pedantic dogma of science, locked into material avarice while discarding all that is truly important in our karmic journey.

A spiritual universe

This is my understanding. We are immortal souls from a spirit world filled with light and love, sent by the Infinite Spirit to learn and grow by incarnating many, many times in many physical worlds. We are here to learn lessons that will help us grow and we travel with a group of souls who incarnate together through many lifetimes and learn together and support each other. We are all one Universal energy and expressions of that energy can be found in patterns in the physical world to be interpreted by the enlightened. This is all as the Universe intends. We study our past life with our guides and seek guidance from the Ascended Masters, and we choose our next life to advance our set of lessons. We choose from the available circumstances in the world we wish to incarnate in, but this is not random, but part of the infinitely variable web of destiny the Infinite Spirit lays before us. We choose our parents and our place on earth, we choose the moment of birth. I value the work of Dr Michael Newton and Dr Brian Weiss, mainstream psychologists who used hypnosis to regress patients back to their childhood. Independent of each other, these medical men began regressing patients back before their birth and even into previous lives, making available much information on the nature of the spiritual world.

None of this is of any interest to what currently passes for 'science', and perhaps it never can be. How can we exercise free will and make spiritual choices if it performs to scientific formulas and the consequences of our choices can be weighed in a laboratory? I have no issue with science. It is part of our growth in this physical world to learn the structure of that world, and science must be bound by its own rules. But as is the nature of adherents of the cultural dominant everywhere, regardless of the time and place that may be, sceptisim and mockery are part of their predictable armoury in defending their vested interests. You will hear various 'scientific' objections to the ancient and wise practice of astrology. Personally I have no interest in debating astrology with rationalists. Their minds are closed, they are zealots of the holy church of science, they are unquestioning disciples of the cultural dominant, and it is not that they don't want to accept anything that can't be proven in a lab, it's that they MUST not or their entire world view would disentegrate and that is understandably scary for anyone. But I occasionally like to enquire of rationalists if they believe in human consciousness, which also cannot be proven in a lab – in fact scientists have not the slightest clue how it operates. Perhaps that doesn't exist either?

A heavenly discipline

Some 4000 years ago, a group of Babylonian scholars – the scientists of their day – in what is now the troubed land of Iraq, observed the heavens at night and mapped out two sets of bodies. The first they named fixed stars, the myriad points of light that remained in set positions relative to each other. They observed the patterns of these stars and grouped them into collections they called constellations. The second set of bodies they called wandering stars, and although they did not know it, these were the other planets in our solar systems. And of course they saw the paths of the Sun and Moon.

Through centuries of observation and study, these ancient scientists developed theories about the movement of the wandering stars on their regular journeys near the horizon as they travelled across the face of the constellations along that path – which they called the zodiac – and the relationships they observed with events and human behaviours on earth. Perhaps they had guidance from even earlier wise people, shamans or druids from the countless thousands of years preceding, but as those people had no written records that is speculation only.

The astrological signs

The astrological signs that everyone is familiar with were named from imaginative patterns in the constellations in the zodiac as they were at that time, dividing the zodiac into twelve equal groups. The zodiac was further divided into 360 degrees, being roughly the days of the year. Each of the signs were accorded sets of human characteristics from the observations of the Babylonian scholars, further refined by ancient Greek astronomers. The signs begin with the sign at the northern hemisphere spring equinox. They are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Everyone is familiar with their star sign which is actually where the Sun fell on the day of their birth.

The planets

Those ancient astronomers/astrologers counted seven heavenly bodies, the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and five planets – although you will hear astrologers referring to all seven as planets, just because it's easier. They are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The discovery of additional planets in later ages has led modern astrologers to assign them roles in astrology practice, again through study and observation. They are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Some astrologers, such as myself, include the even more recent minor planet Chiron. Others include a range of major asteroids also orbiting the Sun. Each of these planets represents individual energies, or parts of human character.
Sun - the inner self, the masculine principle
Moon - emotions, the feminine principle
Mercury - reasoning and expression
Venus - relationships, harmony
Mars - energy, desire
Jupiter - expansion, relaxation
Saturn - restriction, discipline
Uranus - change, freedom
Neptune - intuition, mystery
Pluto - transformation, power
Chiron - healing, evolution.

a horoscope

The horoscope

Your horoscope is the map of the planets and signs when you were born. To a karmic astrologer such as myself, this is your birth contract setting out the skill set you chose to bring into this life to achieve your karmic purpose. It tells you in which signs each of your planets is, and at what degree.

There are two more main sets of calculations astrologers use: houses and aspects. The planets are placed according to what time of year you were born, but houses divide the horoscope into twelve parts depending of what hour you were born. The houses, numbered 1 to 12, start with the sign on the horizon when you were born, called the Ascendant or Rising Sign. This is how the outside world first sees you. Each of the houses represents an area of life where your planetary energies are expressed. Finally, astrologers look for precise or close angles formed between the planets, which further modify how their energy is expressed. The angles are conjunction (two planets very close together), sextile (60 degrees apart), square (90 degrees), trine (120 degrees) and oopposition (180 degrees).

Your horoscope looks something like the one to the right. All the planets and signs are represented by glyphs or symbols, and the houses by numbers. The lines in the inner circle are the aspects. An astrologer will bring all these complex parts together in an insightful overview of the skills you brought into this life to attempt your karmic task.

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