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Amanda at a workshop


Private Readings
Zeal Creation offers private readings by spiritual medium Amanda. Readings are an hour long and include refreshments and a CD recording of your session. Readings can be either psychic, mediumship or both. Please bring a significant personal item with you for psychometry. Call Amanda now 0400 517 470 or email

House Clearing
As a skilled spiritual medium and energy practitioner, Amanda is highly sensitive to residual negative energies and low-vibration entities which can damage spaces and disrupt positive energy flow. Through raising positive energy in the space and conducting clearing rituals, Amanda can create a light, serene, welcoming atmosphere in your home or workplace.

Amanda specialises in grief, chronic illness, Lyme disease, women's issues and mental health. She is passionate about prevention, working with your current experience and symptoms expressed as pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, unhappiness, lack, loss or feeling stuck as indications of a far deeper root cause. Call Amanda now 0400 517 470 or email

Public Demonstration by the Light of Four

Bring your friends together in the comfort of your own home for a fascinating and entertaining evening with four mediums who link with the spirit world, providing evidence of life after death and the existence of the everlasting soul. Minimum 12 people. Call Amanda now 0400 517 470 or email

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