Attending a Mediumship Demonstration

The Role of the Spiritual Medium

A spiritual medium aims to provide evidence of survival of the human identity beyond the physical state we call death.

The medium acts as the conduit between the two worlds, the earthly life and spiritual existence, communicating with people who have passed to the afterlife.

The medium will connect with those in the afterlife to demonstrate that life continues beyond this earthly existence. 

The medium will connect with the person who has passed to the spirit world and bring through information about that person. This may consist of some of the following:
 a physical description, the cause of death, occupation, hobbies, shared memories, their relationship or anything else the spirit communicator is willing to share.

Once the spirit communicator is accepted, the energy connection with the medium will be strengthened and information will flow more readily. 

So it is very, very important that you, the audience, play your role in the three-way communication process.

Lisa has the floor as the Light of Four hold a public demonstration.

The Role of the Audience

Have a positive state of mind. This is an energy-based practice and works best when supported by high level vibrations such as those of love and peace.

 Be open minded.

Have no fear and leave at the door your expectations for who should come or what should happen.

Open your mind to all the people you have known in your life that have passed to the afterlife.

Spend a few moments fondly remembering not only your relatives but also your neighbours, school friends, work colleagues, lovers, team-mates, people from your childhood and teenage years, as well as all of those people you want to hear from this evening.  Discount no one.  Just as you wish to hear from someone, the spirit communicators may also have a need to come this evening and pass on a message.  

Ensure that you give a positive, loud response, such as raising your hand or stating your name, if you can relate to any of the information being given. Don’t wait on total accuracy, receiving messages from the other side is not easy and some details can be lost in translation.

Don’t be concerned if other people also recognise the information, it is usual in a large gathering that the details will initially relate to several people; it is the task of the medium to collect more evidence and place the spirit communicator.

Relax, enjoy and be delighted with the Light of Four.

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Attending a Mediumship Demonstration

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