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Amanda welcomes all those who want to resolve a current problem with their health, wealth or happiness. The combination of these elements when balanced equate to perfect self-expression. This is what we all desire from life.

Holistic healing affects the whole being — physical, emotional, mental and energetic or spiritual. All of these elements are interconnected. We have learned in western civilisation that life is segmented into the physical body, mind, brain and emotions. Spirit in many instances is almost forgotten.

We in our lives need wholeness. We seek a method or person who can bring these elements together to make us function with ease and grace in our life, free from struggle and pain.

Amanda specialises in grief, chronic illness, Lyme disease, women's issues and mental health. She is passionate about prevention, working with your current experience and symptoms expressed as pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, unhappiness, lack, loss or feeling stuck as indications of a far deeper root cause. She works with expressions in the body, identifying, releasing, clearing and eliminating energy blockage before they manifest as disease, resolving the underlying core.

Amanda is a gifted holistic healer, specialising in crystal light therapy — a drug free, non invasive technique based on an ancient yoga technology that uses the healing properties and energy of crystals. More information about healing on Amanda's Happy Healthy and Heavenly web site...

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