Goddess Workshop

On Saturday 19 March 2011 the Light of Four held a Goddess Workshop at Granny Spiers Community Centre, Heathridge.

Entitled "Awaken the Goddess", it was a fun, spiritual workshop to guide participants through a program of meditation, movement and psychic awakening to enable them to enhance their intuition and connect to the goddess within.

The workshop was timed to coincide with a very special full moon, reaching its closest perigee (closest point to earth) in its 19 year orbital pattern. The moon has been associated with the feminine in many cultures for thousands of years and a better portent could not be asked for. To emphasise the occasions, the southern hemisphere autumnal equinox followed two days later.

The workshop was very successful and greatly enjoyed and appreciated by everyone who attended. The Light of Four were delighted to be able to bring the blessings of the Goddess to all their friends on this occasion.

This is evident in the images below!

All proceeds went to the angelhands charity. The Light of Four subequently received a letter of thanks from angelhands and a certificate of appreciation.

Goddess Workshop


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