Moon Bear Rescue

On Friday 17 July 2009, the Light of Four held a charity public demonstration in Woodvale to raise money for the Moon Bear Rescue Centre.

A charity promoted by a friend of the Light of Four, Lisa Freeman, the centre is run by AnimalsAsia and houses Black Asiatic Bears (Moon Bears) after rescuing them from cruel captivity. The bears were kept in horrific conditions and in constant pain while their bile was periodically drained for use in Chinese herbal medicine.

The name "Moon Bears" comes from the distinctive crescent of pale fur on their chests.

At the centre, the bears receive the best possible care and attention and are slowly returned to health and happiness.

The Light of Four event was attended by over 120 people and raised $2947.45.

Lisa subsequently reported that 19 Moon Bears had been rescued from a cruel bile farm and were currently on their way to the Moon Bear Rescue Centre, their needless and unnecessary torture over.

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