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Amanda facilitates a closed circle, and a weekly group for psychic development, she is a Spiritual Healer (ASHA), and is passionate about promoting spirit and gratitude into daily life. She conducts “Success” and other workshops throughout the year, and is available for private readings. Amanda works as a Senior Consultant for an international company, she is mother of two beautiful teenagers and her loving partner is a writer.

Contact Amanda on 0400 517 470 or Amanda@zealcreation.com.au

Joanne facilitates a fortnightly meditation and spiritual awareness group and strongly believes in promoting the union of body, mind and spirit. She is a practitioner of reflexology and is a Spiritual Healer (ASHA). Joanne is a registered veterinary nurse and the practice manager of a busy veterinary hospital. She is supported by her husband, three very athletic boys and a menagerie of pets.

Contact Joanne on 0416 155 431 or jonolan2@bigpond.com

Lisa has a successful mediation group which meets weekly in the Northern Suburbs, this group has brought peace and harmony into the lives of many since its inception three years ago. Lisa is a member of Australian Spiritual Healers Association (ASHA) and works as an International wellness consultant. Lisa runs weekly corporate meditation sessions and is available for private readings. Recently Lisa attended Arthur Findlay College for Psychic and Mediumistic Studies in the UK.

Contact Lisa on 9409 9060 or raisingbuddha@hotmail.com

Margaret has been facilitating both community and corporate meditation/psychic development classes for over 10 years. She is both a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer (ASHA). Margaret's vast experience and knowledge in mediumship/healing sees her regularly sought after for both private readings and healing sessions. Her recent attendance at Arthur Findlay College for Psychic and Mediumistic Studies in the UK has further qualified Margaret as a highly skilled spriitual medium and healer. Margaret has a very supportive husband, two beautiful daughters and is the proud grandmother of two very energetic grandsons.

Contact Margaret on 9561 1647 or tomnmarg@westnet.com.au

Lisa, Margaret, Amanda and Joanne.

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