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Amanda is a dynamic, highly skilled spiritual medium specialising in teaching psychic and mediumship studies, demonstrating proof of survival in public demonstrations, and conducting private readings and healing. Originally drawn to the intuitive arts with a desire to be more creative and express her sensitivity, Amanda developed a passion for mediumship which she combines with her vast experience in facilitation and adult learning. This suite of skills enables her to successfully practise and teach psychic and mediumistic skills to a high standard. Amanda participates in a fortnightly closed circle and runs a weekly psychic development class. She is also currently available for private reading and healing by appointment. Her passion for public demonstration of mediumship can be experienced in the comfort of your own home or at the annual charity fund raiser.

Amanda is a trusted, sensitive and accurate spiritual medium and works with three other mediums as the Light of Four. They have a busy calendar of home demonstrations and are currently completing a spiritual journal and arranging the annual charity fundraiser. In her private life, Amanda is a principal consultant for an international firm, practices kundalini yoga and has recently completed her second trip to India. The Light of Four recently completed a mediumship course at internationally renown Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead, UK. She lives in Mount Hawthorn with her partner, two teenage daughters and a very friendly cocker spaniel.


Patrick is an astrologer with 35 years' experience, specialising in karmic astrology, horary (answering questions with astrology), and children’s astrology. Karmic astrology shows the karmic debts you bring into this life, and the goals you should aspire to in this life to grow as a soul. It can help you understand your life purpose and how to move out of repeating, restricting behaviour patterns.

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